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Fayetteville, AR

Our goal is to help households, businesses, schools and churches become more sustainable and in turn make Fayetteville more sustainable.
On this site, you will be able to:

  1. Learn about Fayetteville’s environmental footprint, including energy consumed, water used, waste generated, and carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Visit Fayetteville’s Eco-Dashboard.
  2. Make an eco-pledge to help Fayetteville dial it down and reduce our collective impact on the planet. Make an Eco-Pledge.
  3. Use tools to help you manage your own utilities and impacts – Sign up for EarthAid’s Utility Management Tool  and Green your commute with our Eco-Commuter Tool.  
  4. Find valuable resources to help you learn more about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

"Please join me in making Fayetteville a leading sustainable community!" - Mayor Jordan Mayor Jordan