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Eco-Logical Communities: building a more sustainable world, one community at a time.

In Eco-Logical Communities, every day is earth day. We empower more sustainable choices on the part of homeowners, businesses, schools, churches, and government entities that make up any community. Eco-Logical communities understand that environmentally sound choices often have tangible and measurable economic benefits.

Save resources...Save money...It's eco-logical!

Eco-Logical defined:

“Eco” is short for ecological. “Eco” is short for economics. Logical implies rational, data-driven decision making and a results orientation.  It makes rational sense:  when we save resources, we save money.

Community defined:

Sustainability happens in a place. Sustainability happens in communities. A community can be large or small. It can be defined by geography such as a town or a region. A community can be defined by relationship such as a business or organization. A community may be defined by shared interests or social connections such as a civic group or club. Most people belong to several communities – a work community, a town or city, a church or school, a club or charitable group. Community is how we get things done. A community is a natural unit for effecting lasting and significant change.

How can communities serve as the foundation for a more sustainable world?

Building Blocks

Eco-Logical Communities are built around 4 core building blocks.  These components form the foundation that allows any community to see its impact on the planet, to engage people in reducing that impact, and to measure the results.

Learn about Fayetteville’s environmental footprint, including energy consumed, water used, waste generated, and carbon emitted into the atmosphere.
Visit Fayetteville’s Dashboard

Make an eco-pledge to help Fayetteville dial it down and reduce our collective impact on the planet. Make an Eco-Pledge

Use tools to help you manage your own utilities and impacts – Sign up for EarthAid’s Utility Management Tool and Green your commute with our Eco-Commuter Tool.

Find valuable resources to help you learn more about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.